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Information & Help PRESS Technicals FAQs Getting Started

I’m working with P2 (or) XDCAM. How do I get you my files?

Have proxies? Just upload them. If not, read on.

Without proxies, the master content needs to be transcoded to a low-resolution MOV, MP4 or equivalent. This is why we made PRESS! to get your proxies made quickly! Learn more.

Are Panasonic & SonyXD Proxy files okay?

Send them on in!

Proxy files are low-resolution copies of your master footage and work fine for transcription.

Audible Timecode: What are the specifications?

While we have the utmost respect for old-school chops we regret to say that we no longer accept audible timecode as a normal workflow.

As an alternative you can include an audible ‘slate’ of the timecode for reference. Slate the timecode count clearly and pedantically into a mic so it is included within the recording. Clearly slate and identify the hour, minute and count off several seconds for precision.

What works:
…we are at hour seven… three minutes… and twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…
What doesn't work:
…we’re at ten… and seventeen… now!

NOTE: You will have to re-slate at each break in the timecode.

However if you just want to jog your memory for fun you can find the specifications below and read on...

MP3 is the recommended format. Check the fine print for specifics:

  • Standard track assignments: LEFT: Timecode | RIGHT: mono mix dialog audio
  • Dialog audio recorded around -10dB.
  • Timecode audio recorded between -20 to -10 dB. (Be sure to properly pad the timecode level!)
  • Record at a minimum of 128kbps @ 44.1/48kHz CBR (Constant Bit Rate)
  • CBR (Constant Bit Rate) only! Do NOT use VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
  • ALC (Automatic Level Control) should be OFF – ALC corrupts both the dialog and timecode recording.

What specifications for video do you recommend?

30 fps | 600kbps video | 640x360 (16:9) | 128kbps audio

Low resolution proxies (as they are often called) are fine for transcription and work well.

MOV timecode tracks or visible timecode. Your choice.

Use PRESS to get your proxies made quickly! Learn more.

More questions?

No problem. Call (212) 757-7113