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Colleen LucasCEO
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Chris KirkpatrickTechnology
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Kathleen BergerOperations
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I need accurate timecode. Help!

Relax. We’ve never met a timecode we didn’t like.

We’re proficient in timecode’s many formats and can always - always - get you the timecode you need, quickly and accurately. Worried that the master timecode is off? Don’t be! We can customize it in any format from any start point, with any IN or OUT codes.

  • Embedded timecode (.MOV/.MXF/.MP4/.BWF/.WAV/.MP3/.AAC)
  • MOV timecode tracks
  • Visible timecode burned-in to the video
  • Audible slates
  • Running-time (elapsed time)

I have lots of little files but need one transcript

One transcript, lots of files. Easy.

Solution: Selecting 'Option 2' when uploading your files allows you to select multiple files; we'll give you back a single, easy-to-use transcript. Instead of 10 transcripts of 10 small files, you get one document that puts it all in one place.

Do you prefer linked files (YouSendIt, FTP)?

Nope. And you’ll thank us for that.

You need fast, accurate transcription. And that’s why linked files - via emails, remote logins and FTP - are not your friends. They’re inefficient, prone to problems, require extra steps on your part (including validation), take longer to complete and potentially add cost to the job. (That’s not what you’re looking for, is it?)

Uploading directly to us eliminates those issues. We know we’re receiving all of the files you want us to have, with all of the relevant information associated with each file.

Can I tailor or customize my transcript?

Absolutely. Here are some examples of common requests:

Don't include timecode
Do not include any timing stamps or references - neither timecode nor elapsed-time.
Eliminate all stutters, um/uh’s and repeated words and phrases
“I uh w— w— wanted to-- wanted to go away for um the h— holidays” would be typed: “I wanted to go away for the holidays.”
Eliminate false starts
Whenever possible, as long as no content is compromised, false starts will be eliminated. For example: “When the European Union— well, really, the E.U. didn’t become— the European Union didn’t codify until the adoption of the euro” would be typed: “The European Union didn’t codify until the adoption of the euro.”
Eliminate filler words
Eliminate filler words (“you know,” “I mean,” “like,” “well”): “It's, well, you know, so old fashioned to, like, cook that, I mean, my apartment doesn't have a stove.” would be typed: “It's so old fashioned to cook that my apartment doesn't have a stove.”
Eliminate all noises
Both personal noises (like coughing or laughter) and environmental noises (like sirens or microphone feedback) are ignored and not noted in the transcript.
Correct all vernacular speech and basic grammar mistakes (including “ing” verb endings)
Vernacular speech like “gonna” and “y’all” and “ain’t” become “going to” and “you all” and “isn’t” Grammar mistakes to clean up include correcting verb tenses, singular/plural mistakes, etc. “Y’all, he catch rabbits even though rabbit run fast” would be typed: “You all, he catches rabbits even though rabbits run fast.”
Rephrase to proper English
If speakers have extreme accents or difficult speech patterns, rephrase their speech to proper English as much as possible. “Natural-born citizen be one who born on the U.S. territory” would be typed: “A natural-born citizen is one who is born on U.S. territory.”
Eliminate overlapping speech
Typing each sound bite, whenever possible, as a complete thought. For example: "QUESTION: So you see yourself as a civil rights -"
"FEMALE VOICE: Yes, I feel -"
"QUESTION: - activist?"
"FEMALE VOICE: - very strongly about equality for all."
would be typed as: "QUESTION: So you see yourself as a civil rights activist?"
"FEMALE VOICE: Yes, I feel very strongly about equality for all.”
Transcribe all coaching
Usually, we eliminate coaching content, but if you wish, it will be included. We define “coaching” as content where the interviewer and interviewee are working out what should be said in an “off-the-record” manner and the same content is covered in “on-the-record” (transcribed) question and answers.

More questions?

No problem. Call (212) 757-7113