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Information & Help PRESS Technicals FAQs Getting Started

What is PRESS?

PRESS is our free app designed to compress large video and WAV files into smaller ones while preserving the timecode. Once those files are PRESS’d they will be up to 1/10th the original size, making upload time up to 10x faster! Try PRESS once and you’ll be hooked.

What files can I comPRESS?

Most video files and all BWF/WAV files.


Producers often want to screen their video with the transcript. High resolution video files and BWF/WAV files often take too long to upload, so most choose an MP3 instead. Our PRESS application now compresses your VIDEO as well as WAV files, turning them into compact files that upload 10x faster (with your timecode intact).

Does PRESS preserve the timecode?

Yes! Your timecode is always safe with us!

What does PRESS do?

While preserving the timecode...

- Video files are converted to low resolution MP4 files(.mp4).

- BWF/WAV files are converted to OGG files (.ogg, which are essentially open-source mp3 files)

What can I use to play PRESS’d files? (.mp4 or .ogg)


You can play your video (or audio) in our new scripting tool located in your dashboard. Simply click on the part of the transcript you want to see and the video will begin playing at that soundbite.


You can play your .ogg and .mp4 files in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox (File > Open File). Or you can use VLC, a free, cross-platform media player.

More questions?

No problem. Call (212) 757-7113