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image of Colleen

Colleen LucasCEO
(212) 757-7113 x140

image of Chris

Chris KirkpatrickTechnology
(212) 757-1145

image of Kathi

Kathleen BergerOperations
(212) 757-7113 x120

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Alicia PennyProduction
(212) 757-7113 x110

image of Gabriela

Gabriela CallanoAccounting
(212) 757-4600

Transcript Associates

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Meet Our Team

image of Hiram

Hiram Levit - President

Hiram is Transcript’s founding father. His client-centered philosophy still pulses through our veins three decades later. And his vision keeps us focused on a singular goal: your complete satisfaction.

image of Colleen

Colleen Lucas - CEO

Colleen measures success by the only yardstick that matters: happy clients. She brings 18 years of industry experience to the job of making top media producers smile. And she infuses her passion, energy and commitment into everything we do.

image of Chris

Chris Kirkpatrick - Technology

If technology is our cornerstone, then Chris is our architect. Sure, he keeps us reliable and running 24/7. But he always has an eye on the future, too. So no matter how technology evolves, Transcript will stay one step ahead.

image of Kathi

Kathleen Berger - Operations

You’re our only client. Or at least that’s how you should feel. And that’s Kathi’s job. As air traffic controller of our busy office, she takes multi-tasking to the next level – making sure your job is done right, every time.

image of Alicia

Alicia Penny - Production

Alicia knows that the news never sleeps. So she makes sure Transcript runs at the speed of our 24/7 news cycle. She’s just what you expect a production guru to be: efficient, informed and a stickler for details.

image of Gabriela

Gabriela Callano - Accounting

Accurate invoicing may not be the sexiest part of our business. But it’s a must-have – which is just one reason we’re glad Gabriela is on our team. She’s a financial whiz with 15 years’ experience and an unwavering focus on integrity.

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